Minimum stay rate is three nights during the summer period (June – September inclusive)

and for Christmas and Easter the required minimum stay is five nights.

Only cats from the same home may share.

No VAT applies.  A deposit secures your booking.

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A la Carte Menu: £1 per cat per day

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Collection Service: Please contact us for details.

Our daily rates include...
  1. Food (except prescription and our a la carte menu)

  2. Heating all year round

  3. Litter

  4. Administering medication (if required)

  5. Brushing and our ‘special times’ of lots of tender loving care

Prices are charged from the day of arrival. If the cats are picked up within the morning opening hours on the day of departure, there will be no charge for that day. For the smooth operation of our Cattery, we request that collection and delivery times are adhered to.

In the event of the owner returning before the end of the period for which a cat is booked, the full period is charged.

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Single Feline: £13 per day

Two Felines: £21 per day

Three Felines: £26 per day

Four Felines: £30 per day