Accommodation & Well Being


At the Old Forge Cattery, the health and contentment of all our guests is our priority. We want your cat to enjoy their stay with us. We provide everything for your cat's comfort during its stay, but you are more than welcome to bring their bed and favourite toys to make them feel more at home.

Our guests will be staying in a safe, hygienic environment. Sited in beautiful surroundings and well maintained gardens where we have close and easy access to them at all times. As an additional safety feature we have CCTV cameras and we also have isolation facilities should they be required.

We have 15 luxury double suites designed and manufactured by Pedigree Pens, you can visit their website HERE where you’ll find lots of information about their wonderful products.

Each suite provides spacious accommodation with walk in style sleeping quarters with easy access to the individual exercise areas which opens onto a safety corridor. Our UPVC suites are fully insulated with thermostatically controlled panel heaters yet have superb ventilation which means each suite provides our guests with an even room temperature all year round. The unique construction of our suites mean that they are warm in the winter but wonderfully cool in the summer. Hygiene is one of our top priorities and each unit benefits from full height sneeze barriers to prevent any cross contamination, while the UPVC and glass construction means the cats can enjoy the rural outlook.

Meals are served twice daily (unless otherwise specified by the owner), and we can either give you a choice from our own stocks and our special a la carte menu or if you prefer you can bring your own (prescription diets are to be provided by the owner).  We are, of course happy to discuss individual requirements and any special needs and, where required, medication can be administered. Litter trays are constantly checked and cleaned.

We only use Vet Bed in our baskets and stainless steel bowls to maintain the maximum levels in hygiene and comfort. There are climbing and scratching posts and a good selection of toys to keep your cat well entertained. Another feature of our cattery is our family units, which can accommodate several cats from the same family.